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September 5th Keleti Station Budapest


DSC_6054The situation is confused today.  At Keleti a board announced the departure of a train to Hegyeshalom at 18.10 which is about 5 kilometers from the Austrian border. The station staff at the platform said they had no instructions to prevent refugees from boarding.  Some Hungarian volunteers milled around with a sign announcing this train.  People seemed sceptical and seemed to be waiting for buses.  I say seemed because almost no one spoke anything but Arabic so it was very difficult to just ask people what they planned to do.  I found someone who spoke both Hungarian and Arabic and told her about the train but when she told some families around us, all expressed reluctance and diffidence.  At that point someone else said that the Austrians had closed their border so they were staying put.  DSC_6067

DSC_6064Members of Jobbik Youth (the Youth organisation of the extreme right party of that same name) were also hanging around taking photographs and being filmed.  I asked them why they were there and they said there had been a demonstration in front of the Interior Ministry that afternoon but when I pressed them for more, they said they were unwilling to talk and an older man appeared and he said that he should speak on their behalf.  He did not want to talk either saying that he didn’t think I would accurately report what he would say. The Jobbik website today proudly announces that they have succeeded in preventing the building of a transit camp in Budapest.  The solution they recommend is to spend money on buses to take them away.

Some refugees held up signs which had been handed out by Migrant aid, warning people against traffickers.








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