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I was talking to the taxi driver on the way to Budapest airport today about Viktor Orban opting out of the scheme  to take 54,000 asylum seekers out of Hungary and getting a flat rate of 500 euro for the transport costs for each person. He said surely I’d got it wrong.  I said he could go to the EU Commission website and see for himself. I don’t understand why the Hungarian government rejected the measure either and anyone who can give me a sensible answer is cordially invited to post it on this blog.

At first the scheme was only for Greece and Italy, the EU border states which have most struggled with large flows of asylum seekers.  Then during the first eight months of 2015 Hungary experienced more than 145000 irregular border crossings with the so called Balkan route suddenly surging in popularity.  Because of this the Hungarian State was awarded almost 7 million euro emergency funding under the EU Asylum Migration and Integration Fund and the Internal Security Fund. So far however, only 3000 people have been registered and it is clear that the government are more intent on sealing borders to prevent more arrivals than registering and processing the people who are already there.

So this 9th September, the European Commission proposed the emergency relocation of 120,000 asylum seekers away from Greece, Italy and Hungary thereby relieving some of the pressure those countries are experiencing in registering and processing all the arrivals.  Member states receiving the asylum seekers would get 6000 Euro per person including 50% money up front so that they could act fast.  States from where the asylum seekers are relocated would get 500 euro per head for transportation costs.  The distribution of the asylum seekers would be done on the basis of a quota system.  The European Parliament had its say on the matter on the 17th September and gave the scheme its blessing.

When the  EU Justice and Home Affairs council of Ministers met to adopt the Commission proposal last week, Hungary did not wish to be included as beneficiary of the emergency relocation scheme “ The Council agreed that the 54,000 who would have been taken out of Hungary will now be relocated from other countries which suddenly find themselves under pressure following a sudden inflow of third country nationals.


Commission proposal in Hungarian

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