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Poland’s anti-immigrant march in Warsaw numbers 7,000

This truly saddens and disgusts me.

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Message from Alison Moses – Appeal to the US to share the burden…


This petition is about humanitarian outreach and offering people a chance at life.

That’s why I created a petition to Rep. Chris Van Hollen (MD-8), Sen. Barbara Mikulski (MD-1), and Sen. Benjamin Cardin (MD-2), which says:

“Children, the faces of the future have no fault in the economic and social ills racking their country. While receiving refugees does not get at the root of the problem, it does help to save those who would like to see a better world for themselves and thus, for us all in an increasingly globalized, connected world. Be a global humanitarian representative to share the burden with Europe.”

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


Alison Moses

DSC_5877 copy

Syrian Child at Keleti Station, Budapest – excited about catching the train to Germany

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International Solidarity with Refugees Day in Hungary – Keleti at 4pm


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Solidarity with Refugees Day in Cities in Poland tomorrow (Bread and Salt Demonstrations) and on the same day counter demonstrations planned by the haters …)

From the Facebook page of the “Refugees Welcome” movement:

“We are meeting in Wroclaw and other cities in Poland on September 12th to express our solidarity with refugees and show that we are ready to help them:


We are ashamed of the statements of many Polish politicians, journalists and people commenting on social media protesting against a common solution to the problem of refugees coming to Europe. Our moral obligation is to help people fleeing from war and persecution regardless of race, nationality or creed. Throughout history Poles have received refuge and help from foreign lands even from those which are considered culturally different. In the face of the dramatic circumstances of thousands of people seeking refuge in Europe, it is evident that we should offer help. We are aware of the need to implement intelligent long term aid and integration programmes but we do not agree that any difficulties or inconvenience may be an excuse for indifference to the plight of people running for their lives and trying to save their families. We oppose xenophobia, racism and the spreading of distorted and hurtful myths about other foreign cultures and religions.  We invite you all together with your friends and families .  Let us show that we are a society for which morality, hospitality and courage are not empty concepts.  Let us not just show the refugees, but also our children, our governments and the world.”

12 września spotykamy się we Wrocławiu oraz innych miastach Polski, aby wyrazić naszą solidarność z uchodźcami i pokazać, że chcemy i jesteśmy gotowi im pomagać.

Jest nam wstyd za wypowiedzi wielu polskich polityków, dziennikarzy i liczne głosy w mediach społecznościowych protestujące przeciw solidarnemu rozwiązywaniu problemu uchodźców w gronie europejskich państw. Naszym moralnym obowiązkiem jest pomóc ludziom uciekającym przed wojną i prześladowaniami, bez względu na ich rasę, narodowość czy wyznanie. Uważamy, że naszym moralnym obowiązkiem jest pomóc ludziom uciekającym przed wojną i prześladowaniami, bez względu na ich rasę, narodowość czy wyznanie.
Polacy na przestrzeni dziejów wielokrotnie korzystali z gościnności i pomocy innych krajów i narodów – również określanych jako odległe nam kulturowo.
W obliczu dramatycznego położenia kilkuset tysięcy ludzi szukających schronienia w Europie, jest dla nas oczywiste, że powinniśmy tego schronienia udzielić.
Zdajemy sobie sprawę z konieczności wdrożenia długofalowych i mądrych programów pomocy i integracji, ale nie zgadzamy się aby jakiekolwiek trudności czy niewygody były wymówką dla obojętności wobec ludzi uciekających przed śmiercią i ratujących swoje rodziny.
Przeciwstawiamy się ksenofobii, rasizmowi i powielaniu krzywdzących mitów na temat innych kultur i wyznań.

Zapraszamy Was wszystkich wraz przyjaciółmi i rodzinami. Pokażmy, że jesteśmy społeczeństwem dla którego moralność, gościnność i odwaga nie są pustymi hasłami.
Pokażmy uchodźcom ale też swoim dzieciom, naszym władzom i światu.

I hope they get a lot of support


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from the BBC site – the filthy conditions in Rozske Refugee Camp

Glad to see that the UNHCR have finally decided to send prefabricated housing units to the border to give shelter to the people who have been camped out in fields.  What took them so long?   (Reason follows) While it is true that the remit of the UN refugee agency differs in Hungary from its usual mandate in that their job is to monitor and report on the situation and urge the authorities to take action, when it is so blatantly obvious that the authorities are so lacking, it’s high time they stepped up!  Update:  it seems the United Nation’s Refugee Agency had to wait for weeks for “permission” to send tents. Neither relief agencies nor human rights advocates may enter the premises of the registration centers.

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Hungarian Spectrum Article on announced State of Emergency


The Hungarian army will soon receive its marching orders | Hungarian Spectrum


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An Utter Disgrace (video)

Rözske, Hungary:  Refugees fleeing persecution are thrown food like circus animals without a shred of dignity.  In some ways this is even more upsetting than the incident of the camerawoman tripping over the man and child as hers was the action of an individual cold blooded hater, while this is institutionalised cruelty.  Yes, psychological cruelty.  I can hardly believe my eyes but this is no Hollywood set.


click on the picture to go to the video


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Keleti Station 8th September Evening

2015-09-08 20.06.41

About a dozen police officers stationed at Platform number 8 where Syrian refugees attempted to board trains to Hegyeshalom, the last station before the Austrian border.  The officer I asked told me that any passenger with a valid ticket would be allowed to board.

2015-09-08 20.08.14

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Dziecko na plaży (wiersz Mariusa Van den Berga)


Dziecko na plaży

Małe dziecko leży na plaży
Nie przyszło się bawić wodą i piaskiem
Nie buduje zamków nie kopie dołków

Małe dziecko leży na plaży
Nie widać mamy czy taty
Woda wyrzuciła na piach martwe ciało

Czyjeś ręce podnoszą je delikatnie
Delikatne obce ręce w obcym kraju
Delikatnie dokądś je unoszą

Znowu odpływ i przypływ
Jak mówią życie toczy się dalej
Coś się jednak zmieniło

To śliczne dziecko nigdzie nie ucieknie
Śliczne dziecko zostawiło ślad
Małe dziecko wżyna się w zrogowaciałą duszę świata

Boli nie dającym się uśmierzyć bólem
Zawodzi z żalu nie do ukojenia

Agnieszka Por
ębska tłumacz

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What can the United Nations do?

When interviewed by veteran journalist Andrea Mitchell this week, Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton made it clear that she thought the refugees streaming out of Syria constituted a world problem requiring intense diplomacy in the U.N. and the U.N. Security Council with the U.S. taking the lead.  People have to be helped to get to safe places and the international community must try to restore peace in the country itself. It should not just be Europe and the US which should attempt to bring a solution to the conflict, but the broader Middle East and Asia had to be involved too. Questioned by Mitchell,  Clinton said that it wasn’t just US policy which had failed but world policy.

One hundred and ninety three states are represented in the U.N. which is the supreme world forum for discussing issues facing the world.  Winston Churchill famously said “Meet­ing jaw to jaw is bet­ter than war.”  and ideally a diplomatic solution to the Syrian civil war could be negotiated in a civilized fashion so that peace can be restored and maintained with the help of U.N. peacekeeping forces. However, one wonders how an ISIS delegation could ever be brought to the negotiating table, or for that matter Russia made to withdraw their support from Syrian President Assad who obviously has no qualms in bombing and torturing civilians in his own country.   The Russian Federation with their right of veto in the U.N. Security Council have been thwarting efforts by the international community to bring the Syrian dictator to heel for years.  The UN developed a six point action plan for Syria in June 2012 but the Security Council failed to adopt the resolution due to China and the Russians voting against it.  In the meantime desperate civilians are running to wherever they can in order to find safety.  They cannot wait to be overwhelmed by ISIS or for the UN to adopt a resolution which may not even be worth the paper it is written on.

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